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While African-American comedian Cyrus McQueen considers Jones an “amazing” talent and was thrilled to see her become a part of such an iconic franchise, he told MSNBC on Wednesday that the trailer left him with a “sinking feeling down in the pit of my stomach.”

“Although this is an ensemble, it seemed to me that a black actress was again boxed into the role of sassy sidekick, best friend, the tough talking blue collar worker, there only to provide some comedic sass, some ‘edge,’ yet in no way challenge the flawed and pre-existing views of African-American women,” he said.

And while McQueen concedes that the film is a comedy and an absurd one to boot, it’s still problematic how often black actors are relegated to certain types of roles in the genre.

“I’ll never forget, in my very first scene in my very first improv [comedy] class, my scene partner ‘pimped’ me into being a man that was mugging him. And so, I feel when it comes to this new ‘Ghostbusters,’ Leslie Jones was pimped into being the predictable yet palatable urban black sidekick. Again, I love her and I love that they gave her this opportunity. I’m not hating the player, to again reference the world of improv, I’m hating the game.’”

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